A healthy living environment is a prerequisite for creating a healthy future.

Life in a big city provides many opportunities for work and leisure, development and entertainment, helps to find and fulfill oneself in various directions. However, in addition to all the positive that urbanization has brought with it, humanity is also facing the negative consequences of urban life. The air we breathe is daily polluted by factories and cars, the high-rise buildings in which we live leave no personal space for a person, transport networks are overloaded with cars and force us to spend a significant part of our lives (up to 90 hours a year!) in traffic jams. So, even if we change eating habits, it is difficult for a person to remain truly healthy.

That's why, for us, the Hi-Tech project is a natural continuation of the idea of healthy innovations that allow us to preserve the ecology of the planet and leave a favorable and safe environment for future generations.
unmanned aerial
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Hi-Fly is a project of the Biryuch Innovation Center, the purpose of which is to offer a new look at urbanization for residents of large cities, which involves the possibility of living in the country (40-60 km from a big city) with quick access to the cultural, business and entertainment infrastructure offered by the metropolis.

The Hi-Fly project consists of two components:
• Hi-Fly Taxi is an air taxi that solves the problem of fast and sustainable urban mobility due to its small size, low noise level and the ability to fly in almost any weather conditions.
• Hi-Fly Cargo - Unmanned cargo drones mean fast and environmentally friendly cargo delivery to the most challenging areas, such as mountainous terrain, rugged remote areas with no efficient road infrastructure in place, and many others, i.e solving the logistics problems of the "last mile."

Find out more at: hi-fly.ru
"Green" energy sources
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Hi-Energy is a project that responds to the social problems facing humanity related to climate change and the growing needs of the planet's inhabitants for energy.

Fuel cells work differently to internal combustion engines. They are much more environmentally friendly as they convert the chemical energy of the fuel directly into electricity.
This conversion is more efficient than internal combustion engines (which are only 20-30% efficient) as the intermediate thermomechanical steps needed for conventional energy converters are eliminated.

In addition, one of the main goals of Hi-Energy is to achieve the parameters of applicability of Hi-Fly aircraft:
- flight time;
- airspeed;
- range of flight.