01 february 2022 The first results of cooperation between Biryuch Innovation Center and Sirius University have been obtained

Earlier, an agreement for conducting research work in order to improve the industrial-scale technology for production of "sweet proteins" - monellin and brazzein, was signed between Biryuch Innovation Center and Sirius Science and Technology University.

One of the priorities of this cooperation was development of a technology for production of sweeteners, which in their properties, structure and consumer qualities would be completely identical to natural "sweet proteins" isolated from tropical plants.

To assess the correspondence of the developed products to natural analogues, it was planned to conduct in-depth laboratory studies of “sweet proteins”. Biotech Product Resource Center of Sirius University is the best in this kind of work, as it is equipped with the most modern, accurate, and productive equipment required to analyze the properties of biotech products.

And so last week, the employees of Biryuch Innovation Center and Sirius University have completed intermediate studies of "sweet proteins" samples obtained using biotechnology in the laboratories of the Innovation Center.

Tatyana Ivanishcheva, Chemical Engineer at Biryuch Innovation Center, shared the results of the trip and her impressions of working together with the specialists from Sirius:

“First of all, I would like to say a few words about the Resource Center for Biotechnology Products. This is an amazing place! The laboratory infrastructure of the center is so extensive that it enables the work with mammalian cell cultures, culturing cells in flasks and various types of bioreactors, chromatography, ultrafiltration, centrifugation, enzyme immunoassay, spectrophotometry, cytometry, and microscopy.

The results of studies carried out on the equipment of the resource center have pleased and inspired my colleagues and myself: the spatial structure and physical and chemical properties of the developed “sweet proteins” fully correspond to natural proteins!

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