EFKO Group of Companies and the Tomsk Polytechnic University have been partners for a long time. The TPU students will certainly remember the running challenge, eco-subbotnik, and other activities organized by the company's representatives. EFKO Group is trying not to miss the events organized by the university. The Day of Russian Students, which is celebrated on January 25, was no exception.

On that day, the students could use the skating rink at the campus of the Tomsk Polytechnic University free of charge. The university staff also prepared a festive program with competitions for polytechnics, and as a pleasant bonus, everyone was traditionally offered a treat from EFKO - hiburgers! These are burgers with vegetable meat patties already loved by the students.

By the way, the technology for the production of this increasingly popular product was developed by the specialists from Biryuch Innovation Center (part of EFKO group of companies).

Who knows, maybe after trying such innovations, the guys will want to build a career in our Innovation Center and participate in the development of other equally interesting products?

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