On April 6 to 8, Moscow hosted a series of Scientific and Technical Councils of the EFKO Group of Companies with the participation of leading Russian scientists in the field of organic chemistry, synthetic biology, physiology and medicine. During the Councils, the results achieved as part of the Company innovative projects were reviewed, the key problems in their implementation were identified, and plans for further activities were approved. The most significant results include:

- the technology for the efficient extraction of food-grade protein from sunflower seeds, developed by Moscow State University chemists, has entered the pilot testing stage;

- the first significant advances have been achieved toward a considerable increase in the sweetness of sweet proteins;

- an initial opinion was received from a scientific group from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry on the complete safety of sweet proteins for human health;

- a deep study of the nuances of the metabolism of plant products in the human body has started, in conjunction with scientific groups at the Moscow State University and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The findings make it possible to expect the Company's innovative products to be rapidly and successfully commercialized both in the Russian and international markets.

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