The Enzyme Production Center of Biryuch Innovation Center is a complex on the basis of which testing and development of technologies for obtaining unique types of enzyme preparations are carried out, as well as their industrial production.

Previously, the center was producing finished products only in the form of liquid concentrates. Now, it is planned to expand the product range and to start manufacturing products in dry form using freeze-drying technology. This is a gentle method that allows the product to retain its original properties and does not damage the fragile structure of proteins.

It is planned to use this method in production of both enzyme preparations and finished biotechnological products, such as, for example, “sweet proteins”.

Today, testing of new technology is entering the final stage, which means that very soon the center will need new equipment for industrial production. Ilya Perov, director of the center, says: “SH Tehnika, one of the largest suppliers of the equipment we need, is located in Kazan. That's where we went. On the territory of the supplier's factory, you can see samples of finished equipment and can even try it in action, since the SH Tehnika is engaged not only in the production of equipment, but also in independent production of sublimated products.

During the trip, we assessed the supplier's production capacity, discussed technical parameters of the drying process, and modeled options for equipment arrangement.

The supplier with considerable experience in the field explained in great detail the freeze drying process and what parameters should be taken into account in the drying process for our products. As a result, during the trip, we received a lot of useful information that will help us to make the best choice of equipment and expand the range of technologies used in our center.”
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