08 february 2022 Biryuch Innovation Center launches research in the field of ultrasound application in biotechnological production

At the end of January 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between Biryuch Innovation Center and Aleksandra-Plus LLC, the leading developer of ultrasonic equipment in Russia.

The agreement provides for the supply of several laboratory lines of equipment using various types of ultrasonic treatment. In addition, the parties plan to conduct joint work to study the applicability of ultrasound within innovative biotechnologies developed by the company: both for influencing microorganisms used in the process and for improving the efficiency of cleaning the products obtained and the wastewater generated in the process.

According to Rostislav Kovalevsky, Innovation Director of Biryuch Innovation Center, this cooperation meets both the interests of the center in the development of technologies that are not inferior in their efficiency to the best world analogues, and the company's policy aimed at the extremely responsible environmentally friendly production.

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