“Why is a career in science promising and very interesting?” This question opened the new year for Biryuch Innovation Center, which held open lectures at two universities in Omsk from January 14 to 15!

The first meeting took place at the Omsk State Agrarian University, where our employees spoke to students of the Department of Agrochemistry and Agrotechnology about the breakthrough projects of Biryuch Innovation Center. The students learned about the areas of activity of EFKO Group of Companies, all existing projects of Biryuch Innovation Center were reviewed, and the employees shared a presentation of a new Hi-Fly aircraft innovative project.

The second meeting was held with the students of the OmSTU in such areas as biotechnology and catering technologies. It was devoted to biotechnological projects implemented in Biryuch Innovation Center. During the meeting, held for the students of the Aviation and Rocket Science Departments, a new Hi-Fly project of the company was presented. At the end of the events, both universities announced a competition of their own micro-projects. The topics are very close to the activities of the students and are closely related to the projects of Biryuch Innovation Center, which means that they may well receive practical application. Students must submit completed projects by February 7th.

If you think that Biryuch Innovation Center just decided to announce a competition and leave the students without reward, that’s not the case! According to the results of the work performed, the authors of the best ones will be awarded prizes in the amount of 30,000 rubles.

The events ended with discussions between the students and the employees of Biryuch Innovation Center, during which they expressed interest in the development of various projects, as well as the opportunity to become a candidate for employment in the company.
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