plant-based meat
and dairy alternatives
Hi-Food is a line of herbal products based on three principles:
• Health benefits;
• A careful attitude towards the environment;
• An uncompromising attitude towards taste.

There is a stereotype that healthy food has the right not to be the most tasty. In our healthy innovations, taste is just as important as health benefits.

It was important for us to create a product not only for vegetarians, but also for those who are ready to give up animal products but are not prepared to give up their taste habits.

Why are plant-based alternatives to animal products a necessary condition for preserving nature and human health?

1. Animal husbandry causes great damage to the planet's ecology as it is one of the main global sources of greenhouse gases (CO2). Livestock accounts for almost 20% of all emissions.
2. More than 75% of antibiotics produced in the world are used in industrial animal husbandry. Residues of these drugs are found in end products - meat and milk.
3. The production of 1 kilogram of plant-based alternatives requires 9 times less water and 10 times less land area than traditional products.

Switching to plant-based alternatives can make a person's diet more environmentally friendly, reduce our ecological footprint, and keep us healthy.

Sooner or later, humanity will have to reduce its consumption of animal protein and replace it with vegetable protein, and the sooner we do this, the healthier the planet we will leave to our descendants.
In 2020, the innovative plant-based meat brand Hi! was introduced for the first time, including plant-based patties, minced meat, meatballs, nuggets and dumplings.

Hi plant-based meat is the result of the extensive work of scientists and technologists of the Innovation Center to create a product that is not inferior in nutritional value to traditional meat. Collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition and numerous tests have made it possible to create a truly functional and innovative product.

What is the basis of plant-based meat?
Only pure and environmentally friendly ingredients that nature has given us: soy protein, water, vegetable oils, spices and natural flavors & colorings.

Human health benefits are the main goal of plant-based alternatives to meat:
• high protein content - more than 12 g per 100 g of product;
• dietary fiber content - more than 3 g per 100 g of the product;
• alanced amino acid composition;
• optimal ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3;
• Rich in vitamins B12 and B7;
• Absence of cholesterol, monosodium glutamate and GMO soybeans.

We know that you care about your health and the future of the planet. However, the absence of moral compromises should not mean compromises in taste. For this reason, we have designed our plant-based meats to be not only beneficial but also enjoyable, and to make every meal an unforgettable experience.

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Plant-based dairy alternatives
Hi-Milk is the next step in the production of delicious, healthy and affordable plant-based products based on an ethical approach to the planet's resources, only natural ingredients, responsible production and conscious consumption.

Hi! plant-based milk and yogurt is a real product of the future for people who care about their own health and quality of life, as well as the future of the entire planet.

Why is plant-based milk a natural response to the environmental challenges facing humanity?
• Free of lactose - up to 50% of the world's inhabitants are prone to hypolactasia;
• Free of antibiotics and hormones, while their traces are found in large quantities in cow's milk;
• Free of GMOs and pesticides, as it is made from certified soybeans grown in the Belgorod region;
• Requires 10 times less land than cow's milk, which saves the planet's resources.

Find out more at hi-food.ru
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