Scientific and technical council
In our opinion, the depth of subject knowledge is a key factor that can determine the likelihood of success of certain innovative developments. It ensures economic performance and the fundamentally new quality of products.

The implementation of such deep subject knowledge is impossible without partnership with the leading scientific centers of the country, since only truly great scientists and scientific schools with a long history are able to create technologies to change the world.

Therefore, three scientific and technical councils were created to effectively manage the Company's innovations.
Ольга Анатольевна Донцова
НИИ физико-химической биологии МГУ
Александр Габибович Габибов
Институт биоорганической химии РАН
Александр Александрович Макаров
Институт молекулярной биологии РАН
The Moscow Council and the Novosibirsk Council included directors of leading scientific centers related to biotechnology and organic chemistry. Their main task is to critically assess the prospects of ongoing innovative projects, offer new promising ideas for their implementation and help in finding potential scientific partners in leading universities and research institutes of the country.
Елена Григорьевна Багрянская
Новосибирский Институт Органической Химии
Алексей Владимирович Кочетов
Институт Цитологии и Генетики
Дмитрий Владимирович Пышный
Институт Химической Биологии и Фундаментальной Медицины
Валентин Николаевич Пармон
Сибирское отделение РАН
Ольга Анатольевна Донцова
НИИ физико-химической биологии МГУ
Мария Андреевна Логарькова
Кафедра иммунологии МГУ
Игорь Вениаминович Маев
Кафедрой пропедевтики внутренних болезней и гастроэнтерологии МГМСУ
As for innovations in food products, it is not enough to develop an effective technology for the production of an innovative product for the project to be successful. We must ensure that the created products have a beneficial short-term and long-term impact on human health. To obtain the highest level of expertise in the field of metabolism of innovative products in the human body, a scientific and technical council was established to study the metabolism and safety of innovative products for human health.