research and educational
Biruch Research and Education Center was established to train effective personnel with both personal and professional skills necessary to work on innovative projects. For over 16 years of work we’ve been training industrial managers, marketers, brand managers, HR specialists, and commercial staff.

Research and Education Center Biruch is the division of the company that forms the key reasons for the competitiveness of the innovative business. Up to 500 employees of Biruch Innovation Center and EFKO Group are trained here annually. These are both those people who are just taking their first steps in their careers, and employees who are considered as potential top managers.
During the training, students are maximally immersed in the educational process. They are not distracted by work affairs, they are provided with comfortable rooms for living, meals and everything needed for studying.

The vast majority of lectures at the Biruch Research and Educational Center are taught by top managers of EFKO and the Biruch Innovation Center. Each teacher is an expert in his field and has not only theoretical knowledge, but also many practical cases.
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