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Spin effects in defect reactions

The objective of this investigation is to evaluate the effect of weak magnetic fields on the defect structure of a wide range of nonmagnetic crystals. The available experimental data are interpreted within the framework of the phenomenological scheme of magnetic field-assisted defect reactions in solids within a concept of defectinduced lattice magnetism. We elucidate the principal difference between the defect reactions in solids and chemical reactions of radical pairs in liquids, emphasizing the role of the media in the spin-dependent effects. The defect reactions may be induced by both pulsed magnetic fields and microwaves, as well as by a constant magnetic field. A macroscopic manifestation of the quantum phenomenon is a long-time dramatic change in the defect structure and some physical and chemical properties of crystalline materials. One can use the magnetic field treatment for a control modification of the defect structure of crystals.We predict the effect of temperature windows inside which magnetic fields can determine the defect structure.

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